5 Ways to Decorate the Console Table Behind the Sofa

A console table deserves some decor to match the rest of your room…

Don’t know about you, but I love having a console table behind my sofa. It helps me declutter while also adding a touch of style in the living room. It’s like a small storage space for magazines and many papers that would otherwise be placed all around the room. At the same time, the table helps demarcate the sitting area from the rest of the floor plan.

And it’s not just behind the sofa as I’ve also seen people keeping it against the wall, which too could make the room look great.

Wherever you decide to place a console table, it deserves some decor to match the rest of your room. And here are some stylish ways to decorate it:

1. Lamps

There are literally thousands of lamps to choose from and you will have to put in some extra effort in order to find those that will match the look and feel of your room. You can either decide to go for a matching option or the one that will make the lamp (or more of them) stand out. Both options are valid though in the latter case, you have to be a bit more careful in order not to go “over the top.”

Personally, I prefer to style things symmetrically with two lamps and place them on either side of the console table. From there on, you could place a stack of books in between the lamps or any other decor accessory that appeals to you.

2. Baskets

If you don’t want a lamp — like when you already have enough lamps in the living room — you can get a basket instead. Or, again, more of them.

Like that was the case with lamps, here too you could opt for a symmetrical solution, placing two baskets on either side of the table. And again, put all kinds of different accessories, books and other stuff in between. For the smaller stuff, well, you have the baskets — keeping them in one or a few places, rather than have them spread across the table.

3. Flowers

Baskets and lamps are not your thing, how about flowers? It is hard to imagine a place where flowers won’t fit and a console table is the ideal place for them.

That being said, you can still combine them with a lamp or a basket – but if you do place flowers, make sure they are the one standing out. A lamp may be cool — and the same goes for a basket — but flowers are, well, flowers. They are made to add a touch of beauty in any room they’re placed in. To that end, spend a bit more time to select a vase that nicely fits the rest of your living room. Or go for the one that stands out – there are so many options to consider.

4. Candles

When it comes to decorating the console table, I find candles to be very comparable to flowers. Sure, you can mix and match and have both of them placed on the table – but in most cases, you would go for one or the other.

Yoga fans prefer scented candles and tend to buy new ones all the time. There are many great looking options that could match any console table, adding a touch of style and — I would add — personality to any living room. And let’s not forget the scent that can transform a living room into a real resting area. Love it.

5. Chairs

If you have a bigger console table with enough room under it, you can stick extra seating there. Beyond the utilitarian function, this could also be an opportunity to add a touch of style with many modern chairs enabling just that.

Instead of getting chairs with matching color (to the table), you could go for those that are opposite. For instance, if your console table is white, black chairs will make for an effective design. This is what I like to do – to combine form and function so that every inch of my apartment is both nice and functional.

Need some inspiration?

Looking for ideas on how to decorate the console table behind your sofa? Or just want to browse all kinds of pieces that could fit your apartment?

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