A Blockchain Affiliate Marketing Service in Development

Gagapay Network is is working on a SaaS platform that will rely on smart contracts and the NEO blockchain to do its magic.

smart marketing platform

You may have heard about affiliate or referral marketing; it is one of the most effective ways for companies — especially small or medium sized ones — to spend their marketing budgets. And unsurprisingly, there is a number of companies providing affiliate/referral marketing services that basically allow website owners to promote other merchants’ products and services, and get paid per sale or lead.

A similar service is currently in development, and it is relying on blockchain to “deliver the goods.”

An easy to grasp solution

The name of the company working on this blockchain service is Gagapay Network and it not only wants to create a comprehensive solution, but also the one that is easy and affordable to use. Gagapay is working on a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that will rely on smart contracts and the NEO blockchain to “do its magic.”

Once launched, the service will offer pre-made templates with a simple drag-and-drop interface to make it easier for businesses to create customized programs. Also, it will be possible to run multiple campaigns from a single account. When it comes to the targeted market, Gagapay aims for both blockchain and regular (non-blockchain) businesses with its offering.

The white paper discusses how Dropbox and Amazon have used affiliate/referral marketing to grow: Dropbox enjoyed a 60 percent increase in sign-ups when it began offering free space to customers who were referred to its site — as well as the people who referred them. On the other hand, links from Amazon’s own affiliate program are currently running on no less than 180,000 websites, which is an impressive feat when you think about it.

The three tiers of membership

Gagapay Network plans to offer three tiers of membership to appeal to enterprises of all sizes. Those with “more advanced” needs will naturally flock to the more expensive plan, while the basics will be covered with the entry level offering.

The service will include an open marketplace from where merchants will be able to connect with marketers, which on their end will be able to filter ongoing campaigns by industry, region and reward size.

Speaking of marketers, the underlying blockchain makes sure their commission never gets “lost in the process.” This, apparently, is a thing in the affiliate marketing space, and Gagapay Network is ready to address it.

The GTA token

Like many other blockchain projects, Gagapay Network will have its own utility token, marked as GTA. This token will be used across the board, for purchasing annual memberships, unlocking extra features, and for getting reduced commission fees.

Additionally, marketers who are paid in this cryptocurrency will also be able to spend their earnings through a prepaid Mastercard or Union Pay card. This provides an easy way for marketers to cash out at any moment they want.

The ICO runs through mid-July

Gagapay Network has recently completed the pre-ICO phase and already has more than 40,000 registered users. The ICO will last through July 15 or until all tokens are sold, whichever is sooner. As an added bonus, the company is offering a free prepaid card to anyone investing more than $500.

By the end of the year, Gagapay Network hopes that a beta version of its platform is alive, with a “limited number” of Blockchain companies testing the system and providing the feedback.

For what it matters, the system is being built by an award-winning team, Eduards Marhelis and Andras Ignacs, who recently received an award of merit at the NEO dApp competition, which was co-hosted by Microsoft.

The question for you is – does Gagapay Network sound like something you would like to support? Check out Gagapay’s website if you need more information. 😉

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