Blockchain-Based Entertainment Platform Looking to Tackle Content Creators’ Burnout

You42 aims to gather influencers, record labels, authors, studios and artists on a single platform from where they can connect with fans and maximize revenue from their creations.

You42 blockchain platform

You may have noticed that major publishing houses launch an enormous amount of content on a daily basis. They have big staff and they can do that, but smaller content makers are struggling to keep up, leading to their “burnout.”

One such content creator, PewDiePie, a Swedish personality with more than 63.5 million subscribers on YouTube, recently uploaded a video in which he explained the problem, saying that he has tough time outdoing himself on and on to keep people interested.

“A few years ago, all I used to do was YouTube. It was seven days a week (now I do six days a week). I would wake up, go to my room and make videos and that was it. I didn’t have any hobbies, I didn’t have any other interests, I wouldn’t hang out with friends. Looking back, that was an extremely unhealthy thing to do,” he said.

Which leads us to the key question one project wants to tackle?

Can a blockchain-based service tackle “burnout” of content creators?

A project named You42 thinks it has what it takes to take on this problem; the service is dubbed as a space where games, music, video, news and sports come together. This involves gathering influencers, record labels, authors, studios and artists on a single platform from where they can connect with fans and maximize revenue from their creations.

You42’s white paper argues that the entertainment industry is “fractured” and unfairly skewed in favor of large production houses with massive budgets. This in turn affects all parties, including artists whose work is being continually changed because it doesn’t meet commercial requirements. On the other hand, this leads to the situation where cutting-edge and culturally important content fails to make its way into the public arena.

At present, the most popular platforms like YouTube and Twitch are putting pressure to content creators to continually pump out new material — even if it’s of a poor standard — in order to make sure that their rankings are preserved and their advertising revenue remains constant.

And You42 thinks its forthcoming HTML5-based, blockchain-enabled platform could help…

Creating better connections with audiences

The platform aims to help content creators reach new consumers and enable them to create better connections with their audiences. This will be made possible by taking a multi-channel approach, establishing greater levels of fan loyalty as a result.

You42 will provide creators with “dynamic commerce capabilities” so they could sell content through their own page — effectively creating a marketplace for every content creator. From that marketplaces, content makers will be able to sell their work for U42 tokens, which is a cryptocurrency that has been specially created for the platform.

In addition, there will also be the platform’s internal currency, UCoin, which users will be able to earn by performing certain activities or buy them with U42 tokens — to access premium content or tip content creators for work they appreciate.

A presale of U42 tokens has recently ended, and now we’re in the public sale phase. The company said its platform will go live at the close of the ICO, and a beta version is already up and running. If you’re a content creator — or someone who believes in this project — you may want to check it out. Just sayin’. 😉

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