Capital One Shopping vs. Honey: Which One Should You Use?

Both browser extensions are free to download but we think that one is better and may deliver more savings than the other…

Capital One Shopping vs. Honey

I don’t know about you, but I love online shopping. Instead of having to deal with going to a jam-packed stored, I can buy the same thing with just a few clicks. No annoying lines and other people breathing down my neck. The latter can be especially frustrating these days if you know what I mean.

What I like even more is getting a great deal, and to do that I use a combination of coupons, rebates, and special offers. I admit, managing all that can be a pain, but that’s why I rely on shopping browser extensions that can deliver savings without me doing a thing.

Two of the most popular extensions are Capital One Shopping and Honey, but you may be wondering – which one is better? That’s what this article is all about – read on for details…

How do these shopping browser extensions work?

Capital One Shopping and Honey are free extensions for popular web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. You can easily add and start using them with a single click.

Once the extension is added, it will do the heavy lifting in the background while you shop the way you normally do. No special forms to fill out on every order, no extra code to input – nada… these extensions do it all for you.

How to save money with Capital One Shopping?

Once added, the Capital One Shopping browser extension will automatically check for coupons, better prices, and rewards across more than 30,000 retailers. And, very important to note, it will do this for everyone, not just for Capital One customers.

Specifically, the free extension will help you save money in three different ways:

Capital One Shopping in action

First, it will search for available coupon codes and promo codes at check out. If a valid code is found, Capital One Shopping will automatically apply it to get you a lower price. You don’t have to do a thing – that’s the magic.

Second, the extension comes with a price comparison tool built-in to compare prices while you shop at various retailers such as Amazon, Target, and Best Buy to make sure there isn’t a lower price available at another retailer. And in case you’re wondering, shipping fees and membership pricing are included in these calculations in case they affect the total price.

Capital One Shopping price comparison

Third, if Capital One Shopping finds a lower price, it will show you the difference along with a direct link to the retailer with the lower price.

Finally, if everything else “fails”, you can still save money with Capital One Shopping Credits which you earn with every purchase. You can redeem these credits for gift cards at retailers like  Walmart and eBay.

Does this really work?

This may all sound too good to be true, but in this case – it is THAT good. In fact, Capital One Shopping has already helped millions of customers find incredible deals across tens of thousands of retailers. In the last year alone, it has found customers more than $160 million in savings on items they were already going to buy.

online shopping #2

Remember that this extension comes from a reputable bank rather than some new startup, so you won’t be seeing popups or any other ads trying to convince you to buy things you don’t need. Instead, Capital One Shopping simply helps you save money on items you were already planning to buy.

Two other features Capital One Shopping offers

There are two other features that make Capital One Shopping great.

online shopping #1

First is the Universal Product Search, which allows you to search for a specific product across a number of major retailers by scanning the barcode or typing in the product name. From there, Capital One Shopping will compare the product prices, including delivery and shipping costs, to get you the best possible price.

Second, there’s the option to add a product to the Watchlist, which can be useful if you want to wait to see if the price drops on a product that you’re interested in buying.  All you have to do click the “Add to Watchlist” button on the Capital One Shopping toolbar and it will automatically alert you if the price drops on the item you want to buy so you can save money.

How to Save Money With Honey

Although the name may not be as familiar as Capital One, the Honey browser extension helps you find coupon codes at more than 30,000 retailers. Once installed, you will see a small Honey icon in your browser.

From there, it works like Capital One Shopping’s extension, automatically looking for and adding coupon codes to the shopping cart and checkout pages on your behalf.

Also, like Capital One Shopping, Honey has points (called “gold points”) that you earn with every dollar spent online. And again, once you collect enough of these gold points, you can redeem them for gift cards and/or further savings.


The Honey Drop List is a Watchlist variant

Honey’s version of Capital One’s Watchlist is called the Honey Drop List.  It’s a price tracker that alerts you when an item you are looking for has dropped in price. In order to use it, you just have to let Honey know what item you’re looking for and if the price drops within 60 days you will get an alert.

Does Honey really work?

Yes, but Honey’s reach may not be as extensive as Capital One Shopping’s. While it does have a solid network of stores in its database, Honey may not be suitable for those shopping at specific category-specific retailers that may not be covered by its extension. Additionally, similar to when you search for coupon codes on your own, the success rate can be hit and miss… and we experienced the same thing while using Honey’s extension – many hits, but also many misses.

The Bottom Line

We recommend Capital One Shopping over Honey. Period. 🏆

online shopping #3

While both extensions offer instant and automatic savings, we found that Capital One Shopping work better for us. It offers more ways to save than Honey which will likely result in you paying lower prices once you’ve added it. We highly recommend that everyone use it especially since it’s free – and it will in fact save you money.

👉 Click here to sign-up for Capital One Shopping today!

Note, Capital One Shopping compensates us when you add the browser extension using the links provided.

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