Code of Talent Aims To Disrupt Online Education With Blockchain & Micro-Learning

The upcoming platform will also include gamification elements to engage and motivate students to complete their lessons.

Code of Talent

Blockchain has the potential to change multiple industries, education being one of them. We have already talked about one such endeavor in the past and have even share a related infographic. Now we want to present you with another project, which too promises to improve the way people around the world learn new things.

Code of Talent is that new project and it may have what it takes to bring online learning to the masses. Here’s what they are up to…

Tackling multiple challenges

Code of Talent plans to address multiple failings in the education industry which has seen learners becoming disengaged in boring, generic and uninteractive classrooms. It aims to develop exciting lessons while making sure billions of people around the world have access to talented instructors.

On the other hand, the company also wants to tackle the disconnect between the theory students have learned and the skills they desperately need to enter the productive workforce.

Furthermore, Code of Talent argues that today’s e-learning platforms don’t get the job done, offering courses that are rarely personalized and lack human interaction from a real-life educator. This in turn results in “dramatic lows in terms of course completion,” with — for instance — only 5.5 percent of people who enroll HarvardX and MITx online courses actually end up completing the classes.

The solution: micro-learning & gamification

The first pillar of Code of Talent’s solution, micro-learning, involves daily learning sessions which are 10 minutes in length, in a virtual environment where there is a maximum of 40 participants per educator.

According to the company, micro-learning can increase the speed of a student’s development by up to 300 percent, all while decreasing the costs by up to 50 percent. This, Code of Talent’s white paper argues, is because this kind of learning better reflects the brain’s working memory and attention span.

Gamification is the second pillar of Code of Talent’s solution; it is designed to engage and motivate students with milestones, levels, missions, points and badges so they could track their progress in real time. Plus, the experience will be available from any mobile device, making sure students can learn even while on the go.

Instructors get to benefit, too

The good education platform is nothing without good instructors. For them, Code of Talent promises an “easy and intuitive” interface that gives them the flexibility when designing training sessions.

Instructors will be able to provide rewards and feedback to students, use video streaming and more. They will receive a share of the token pool which has been set aside to incentivize the ecosystem’s users; and if they manage to prepare the most popular and engaging lessons – instructors could gain the Premium Content Provider status. From there, they get to earn more and charge for their premium courses.

ICO is set for July

Code of Talent is a product of Ascendis, which has 21 years’ experience in the education sector. The company is already serving some 550 corporate customers and 45,000 face-to-face learners on an annual basis. Its latest B2B product has been developed in partnership with Co-Factor that is described as an industry awarded expert in digital engagement. Also, the company has established a strategic partnership with Ideologiq, a European digital innovation agency.

Code of Talent is preparing for an ICO on July 9, and if everything goes as planned — it will open offices in Russia, the US, India, Africa and Latin America. The first version of the Code of Talent blockchain platform is scheduled to launch in early 2019; the plan is to attract 300,000 learners, 2,000 active educators and 2,000 micro-learning courses by the second quarter of 2020. A bold goal, or what?

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