Germany’s National Tourism Center Now Accepting Bitcoin Payments

As well as payments made with other popular cryptocurrencies…

Germany tourism

The German National Tourist Board (GNTB) is joining the crypto revolution, having decided to start accepting payments for its services in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

“Within our strategy for digitalization we continuously look at the most recent technologies and trends and see whether they can be implemented into our company,” Petra Hedorfer, CEO of GNTB, said in a statement.

The organization, which is responsible for marketing Germany as a tourist destination, said it wanted to “set an example as a [driver of innovation] and leader for the tourism [industry].” Also, it added that it is interested in testing blockchain technology to improve its operations.

Based in Frankfurt, GNTB is subject to the Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy, and operates from 32 locations around the world.

Dubai also looking to use blockchain for the tourism industry

As part of its Dubai 10x initiative to be 10 years ahead of other world cities, Dubai is also looking to embrace blockchain in the tourism sector. To that end, the city is working on the Dubai Tourism Blockchain Marketplace that will include the launch of an “additional distribution channel for hotels” in the next two years. Said marketplace will rely on a distributed ledger to connect all tourist organizations involved in planning a trip, providing guests with transparent, real-time pricing and choice in Dubai’s tourist inventory.

As a result, the Dubai Department of Tourism hopes that such technology will “deliver value to Dubai in terms of higher and faster visitor conversion, and greater GDP impact.”

On the other hand, the same service will allow smaller organizations equal opportunity to attract tourists and increase employment in the Dubai tourism sphere as a whole…

Something tells us other major cities and tourist destinations are working on something similar to streamline their operations and get an edge in the ever competitive world. At the end of the day, tourists will win, which is a good thing. 😉

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