Pablo Escobar’s Brother Launches His Own Cryptocurrency

Called Dietbitcoin, it is touted as an alternative to what they call CIA’s BTC scam.

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We have all heard stories about cryptocurrencies being used by both regular users and criminals. Well, no matter how that argument is stupid — cause most criminals operate in a cash-only environment — it keeps popping up from time to time.

However, what we will be talking about today could be the first coin made for shady character. Or at least, it sounds something like that. Keep reading for all the juicy details…

Pablo Escobar’s brother launches a cryptocurrency

You know that “crypto is going mainstream” when those (literally) related to criminals not use, but launch their own cryptocurrency. And that’s our story of the day…

DietbitcoinAccording to TheNextWeb, the brother of late Columbian drug lord Pablo Escobar, Roberto Escobar, is launching what he says will be the alternative to Bitcoin (BTC), a BTC hard fork called dietbitcoin (DDX).

The new coin is launched by Roberto Escobar’s investment company, Escobar Inc., which also happens to be offering a free ebook download, entitled “The True Story by Roberto Escobar: Pablo Escobar’s Dietbitcoin” with a subtitle: “After making $100 bln dollars, Roberto Escobar launches the dietbitcoin ‘DDX’ cryptocurrency” — to explain the backstory behind the new cryptocurrency.

Juicy stories

Said ebook is full of stories that sound like they were taken from a novel, including chapters like “The Other Peruvian Plane,” and “Noriega, The Traitor.”

One chapter talks about Satoshi Nakamoto approaching [Roberto] Escobar about cryptocurrencies.

I get a phone call, this time it is from El Conejo [nickname]. El Conejo is telling me that he is talking to Satoshi Nakamoto. He is not just talking. He is with him right now in Lima, Peru. I said, ‘El Conejo, I do not know who this man is. Bring him to my house.

At that time, Roberto has reportedly refused the deal, and the similar situation happened with John McAfee. Simply put, he “didn’t like the guy.”

The fiction extends to the white paper in which Roberto Escobar explains how he is the “first person in the world… to publicly come out and claim that Bitcoin was created by the American Government,” adding he won’t be the “last person to say this.”

Here’s more:

The world is going to wake up. The world is going to see that this was created by them. And when they see it, it is too late, and when the CIA founds out that the world knows about this, the CIA is going to sell all of their coins, and they will destroy the value of Bitcoin.

And that’s why Roberto is creating dietbitcoin (DDX).

ICO is under way

Dietbitcoin is in the midst of an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) which consists of three rounds. During the pre-ICO round 1, a total of 300,000 coins will be offered for $2 a coin, a sale price from the $50 originally listed. Then, the pre-ICO round 2 kicks in, offering 300,000 coins for $100 each, and finally – the ICO will have 400,000 tokens for $1,000 each. Just like “CIA’s Bitcoin,” the total supply of dietbitcoin is capped at 21 million coins.

So if you ever wanted to participate in an ICO that is related to the Narcos series, now’s your chance. We’re not really recommending anything here, mind you.

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