Top 5 Retail Jobs for Working Parents

These companies offer great benefits for working parents…

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If you have kids you are not looking for a good paying job — you also want benefits for you and your dependents. We wanted to highlight the top retail companies that take good care of their employees, and have selected the five you should consider.

Luckily there are more such companies out there, but we had to limit our list in some way. So we opted for these five:

1. Patagonia
Patagonia is known for providing its employees with free on-site child care. That’s one of those hard-to-beat perks, especially for first-time parents. However, in order to get those perks, you will have to work at Patagonia’s headquarters, which is in Ventura, CA. That’s a nice place to live in, but make sure to first get the job before relocating.

2. Wegmans
Standing out in the supermarket chain category is Wegmans, which managed to hit the fourth spot on the Best Companies to Work For list in 2016. It offers to cover 85 – 100 percent of employees’ and their dependents health insurance, as well as dental insurance for some employees. Like that’s not enough, college students will also get help to pay their tuition. A great option for everyone living in the Northeast.

3. Lands’ End
Another great employer, which benefits package includes health insurance, 401K, subsidized on-site food services, and on-site wellness center. Lands’ End prides its culture as safe, fair, and open, so yes — you should put it on your short list.

4. Costco
The bulk-everything retailer is not only known for amazing deals for customers, but also for being good to its employees. Presuming they work more than 24 hours per week — those working for Costco get to choose their own health plan, and also get a 401K plan, an FSA account to use pretax income for child care, along with an employee care program. The last mentioned provides access to mental health services and financial professionals.

5. Staples
Last but not the least is Staples, which has been facing some difficulties lately. Unfortunately, some of those could hurt the perks this otherwise great company is offering to its employees. These would include an Aetna health insurance plan for a deduction of $30 per paycheck or $60 for those with dependents and short-term disability insurance. Also included is help with finding the right financial service firm and child care.

Do you think we’ve missed some other great retailer? Do let us know in the comments below.

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