10+ Ways Teachers Can Make Extra Money This Summer

There are many opportunities out there…

jobs for teachers

You’ve probably got it from the news — the economy is doing just fine. That, however, doesn’t mean everyone is able to afford all the things they want.

Luckily, there are always companies looking for extra help. And teachers among those best qualified to take a job on the side. Whether it’s teaching kids online or driving for Uber, if you want to work — there’s a job for you. Check out our list which should help you increase your monthly earnings.

1. Teach Chinese Children English


Dubbed “Online American Elementary School,” VipKid lets teachers earn up to $22 per hour, which makes it our top choice. On one hand, the service targets (mostly) Chinese kids who are eager to learn English, and on the other — users who are willing to teach these kids the new language.

VipKid provides an international learning experience to children between the ages 4-12. It offers fully immersive one-on-one English language instruction provided online by highly qualified teachers. The curriculum is based on the U.S. Common Core State Standards and uses a flipped-classroom approach to foster creativity and critical thinking skills.

For the teachers, the service offers flexibility allowing them to work from home or anywhere else, with the ability to set your own schedule and work as few or as many hours as you’d like. Do check it out!

2. Become an Online Teacher for Everything Else

online teaching

Tutor Jobs Online lets you teach other people new skills. You get to choose from 1,000’s of jobs daily from different subjects, with working hours that fit YOUR schedule.

The site aims to help everyone — you and me — get the slice of the billion dollar online tutoring jobs pie, allowing us to enjoy an extra income from the comfort of our own homes for teaching on our spare time. This is all done online, using tools such as e-mail, message boards, chat rooms, and video conferences.

With Tutor Jobs Online, you learn how to earn up to $500 per month per online student and yes — you can have multiple students. There are no experience requirements on minor subjects, and you get to work as much or as little as you want. And once you’re done teaching for the month, you will benefit from fast and easy payments via PayPal, Online Check or Wire Transfer.

With an online tutor/teaching job, you get to do what you enjoy doing — tutoring and sharing your knowledge with students online!

3. Drive for Uber

Uber app

Driving for Uber won’t get you rich, but you can do it on your own terms. Set your own schedule and get 80% of everything you earn as a driver, with 20% going to Uber. Depending on where you live, you will have a lot of small rides, or a few big ones. It is up to you select the pace that works best for you.

If that’s something you’re considering, here are the requirements:

  • You must be at least 21 years old
  • You must have three years of driving experience
  • You must have an in-state driver’s license and a clean driving record
  • You must pass a criminal background check
  • Your car must be able to accept four passengers (excluding the driver), be registered in-state and be covered by in-state insurance.

All checked? You can sign-up to drive for Uber from here.

4. Become a Translator


If you speak English and some other language you can check out the Real Translator Jobs website, and join thousands who have discovered how doing simple translator jobs from home can be very profitable.

The site lets you work with established, real companies and individuals from home, either part- or full-time. You get to set you own hours, as well as — importantly — preferred payment method (PayPal, check, deposit or Western Union) and preferred currency (dollar is not the only option). You DO NOT have to be a professional to become a translator…

See how existing members of Real Translator Jobs are making money doing this by signing up now.

5. Work as a Transcriptionist

Man typing on a laptop keyboard

Are you fast with your keyboard? You can work as a transcriptionist and earn anywhere between $15 to $25 per audio hour. The more complicated the text, the more money will you earn. So if you are familiar with law or medical jargon, you’ll end up with a bigger paycheck.

Nevertheless, there’s work for everyone here with many transcription assignments requiring no previous knowledge of any sort. These days researchers, field workers, reporters and even Average Joes are looking for someone to type up their recordings.

Again, you are paid per audio hour, so you should type as fast as you can. And later proofread everything before sending it back to the client…

The most important thing is to know where to start, and that’s where the Transcription Crash Course kicks in. This easy-to-understand, step-by-step guide will show you the exact steps to get your own transcription business started. You’ll learn about must-have tools and equipment every transcriptionist needs (which you probably already have), the time and money-wasting “solutions” you can live without and why, the different types of transcription and why you really only need one format, and where to find the invaluable resources to make your job easier and make your clients happier.

6. Take And Sell Photos

take photos

You can make an extra or full-time living from your photography, turning your hobby into a profitable business. The Photography Jobs Online website lets you work from home, and make money no matter where you are in the world.

The site lets everyone, not just professional photographers, upload and instantly sell photos to millions of potential buyers. It has already sent $5 million to its members who have sold their photos to top companies.

When you join Photography Jobs Online you will be paid at least $1 per photo (up to $125), with the option to upload and sell as much photos as you want. Accordingly, you will be able to work as much or as little as you want on your own schedule.

The site connects users to potential buyers that need them for websites, catalogs, books, magazines, ads, or a variety of other uses.

Grab your camera and start a high-paying career in photography today! There’s a 7-day free trial to test out the service.

7. Write Content for Websites


Love Writing? Legit Writing Jobs can help you build a career that lets you have flexible hours, choose topics you’re passionate about, and earn a great income for doing what you love. You can write for blogs, ebooks, magazines, and more.

As a full member of Legit Writing Jobs, you get access to Part-Time and Full-Time job listings, tips to improve your writing ability, limited time writing offers, and the ever-handy training guidebooks.

You DO NOT need to have a degree to start writing… And Legit Writing Jobs will even give you 60 full days to try out the service or your money back!

8. Sell Your Services

Your potential customers come to Thumbtack looking to hire professionals to help them accomplish their personal projects. They answer specific questions about their needs, Thumbtack reviews these requests to ensure they are legitimate, and send you leads via email or text message.


If you are interested and qualified, you can respond by sending a quote, along with a personal message. Thumbtack on its end will send your profile to the potential customer along with your past work, qualifications, contact information, and reviews. You pay only when you send a quote with Thumbtack Credits.

When you are hired, the details are arranged directly with the customer and after you’re done with the job, let Thumbtack know about it to improve your chances of winning your next customer.

It may sound complicated but it really isn’t. The service supports a number of service categories and you should be able to find something that fits your skill set…

9. Become a Digital Marketer

digital marketing

This is an in-demand job/career that could get you $60k+ per year. You will need some time to master the tools of the trade, but the time you put into learning will be well paid for.

Digital Marketing is already a $50 Billion+ industry that keeps growing every year. The jobs in this field aren’t just for Marketing Majors or Coders. In fact these jobs are perfectly suited for tech savvy college graduates (and current students) with good analytical and writing skills, and creativity.

The author of this course was unemployed in 2011 with a BFA from NYU in Film and got his first entry level job with nearly zero experience; 3 years later, he was making $100K and have since worked remotely, been paid hundreds of dollars an hour for consulting, and pursued by recruiters on Linkedin. Oddly enough colleges are not preparing students with skills for these jobs, so the demand for workers is through the roof.

The best part? You can start with a free course.

10. Get Money For Your Opinion


All of us have opinions about products and services we use. There are companies looking to get those opinions and some of them are willing to pay for the time it takes to fill out the survey. Share your thoughts to help decision makers behind your favorite brands, and get something in return.

Beyond earning cash, you can also qualify for gifts like vacations, electronics, gift cards and other great prizes. Moreover, some surveys will provide the opportunity to win cool prizes.

Some surveys pay just a few dollars, while some others could get you more. If you can submit more of these every day, at the end of the month, you could end up with a few hundred bucks of extra cash. Nothing to lose here.

We suggest you start with one or all of the following services:

They offer an array of surveys along with other ways to earn money (or valuable points) — instead of filling out forms, you will be watching videos which is much easier to do. Plus, some of these services will get you $5 just for signing up. 😉

And more…

We have more gigs to share though some of these are not really jobs… But they could get you some extra cash, nonetheless. Also, you could turn some of these into a second career:

  • Get $5 to start investing with Stash – this could be your new savings account. And you don’t have to commit any crazy amount of money or have any specific knowledge to get started.
  • Get up to $150 when you start trading with Motif Investing. Again, no special skills required.
  • Become an affiliate marketer – could be a lucrative career if you know what you’re doing. And to learn all about it, check out Affilorama.
  • Help companies manage their social media activities with Paid Social Media Jobs. The jobs include such things as posting and commenting on stuff on Facebook, liking YouTube videos, sharing links on Twitter, and more.
  • Sell your knowledge with Udemy. Create an online course and get students on board.

And if you know some other money-making product or service, don’t hesitate to send us an email. We would love to cover it here…

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