Promoting Japanese Culture With Blockchain

The up and coming platform aims to create animations, music, games and movies as international interest in this industry grows.

Japanese art

Using blockchain to help content creators is nothing new; we have already seen a few projects trying to do that. Today, however, we are talking about something more focused, with a blockchain-based company looking to cater to what it says is a growing demand for Japanese culture. To that end, it aims to create animations, music, games, movies and other content to meet the demand from the growing international audience. Here are the details…

Making Japan “cool again”

The government of Japan is investing heavily in the “cool Japan” strategy to showcase interesting content and enable a market already worth 12 trillion yen domestically (about $108 million); and eventually generate even more revenue from devoted fans all around the world.

The company called MINDOL is looking to join that ride with a blockchain platform and a team of experts who will regularly produce TV programs; also, the idea is to host artist content in an effort to nurture new talent and open up new opportunities; and to establish relationships with social media influencers on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

MINDOL says it already has several projects in the works, as well as a partnership with Japanese animation studio Mushi Production. Also, it has managed to attract some solid advisors, one of whom is the producer Gil Junger, known for his Hollywood movies and shows, such as “10 Things I Hate About You.”

A marketplace for Japanese content

At the heart of MINDOL’s ecosystem is a marketplace called eMINDOL, from where users will be able to view content, buy products, and invest in projects they fancy. Alternatively, there will be an option to give donations to favorite stars, enabling them to make a living from their work.

In addition, MINDOL token holders will have the ability to vote and participate in the planning and development of new content, with their influence being tied to the number of tokens they own.

Another criteria that will be important on the platform is the so called “mileage,” which would see users who hold on to MINDOL tokens for prolonged periods of time receiving preferential treatment and discounts when making purchases.

When it comes to content creators, they will get to benefit from reaching new audiences and potentially opening new revenue streams. Furthermore, the copyright management system will make sure artists get the credit they deserve for their hard work.

A bold roadmap

MINDOL plans to commence with projects for TV programs in October, with details of planned animations to be unveiled in the same month. A range of new productions, as well as booths at exhibitions, will follow in 2019 and 2020.

The company has already held a private, Japan-only sale which ended with 3.8 billion yen (about $34 million) raised. While this investment has allowed MINDOL to set some projects in motion, it has bigger plans that require even more money. For that to happen, the company will stage a token sale for investors from around the world. And in that sense, you may want check MINDOL’s website to keep up with what they’re up to, and eventually — even join the sale. It’s your call.

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