These Companies Pay You To Watch Videos Online

Yes, movie previews and trailers are included…

watch online video for cash

Sounds like a dream doesn’t it? Getting paid to watch movies online is too good to be true, yet there is not one but a few companies that will reward you for doing just that.

There is one catch — NOT a fine-print, mind you — you will earning rewards for watching entire SERIES rather than individual clips. Also, you can’t do this all day long, as most (all?) services have a daily cap on how much you could earn watching online videos. Usually, it’s $5 maxing your earning potential at around $150 per month.

Also, the services that reward users for watching online video (or online TV) also offer surveys, allowing you to earn money that way as well.

But I’ve said it enough… You want to know which services are these, right? So without further ado, here they come:



Swagbucks lets you earn money by watching entertaining videos. You will actually be earning SB points for watching playlists and later be able to redeem those points for gift cards, among other things. In addition, the service lets you earn points by taking surveys, shopping online, searching the web and playing online games. Plus, there is a nice $5 sign-up bonus for new users.

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Like Swagbucks, EarningStation also offers multiple way to earn money, including taking surveys, shopping online, watching videos and signing up for various special offers. Members can earn $0.02 every day for watching the daily video, and after that — $0.02 for every 10 videos they watch on EarningStation.

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Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars

InboxDollars is a place where you primarily go for surveys and special offers. However, from time to time it also rewards users for watching various videos. Even if those are not available, you can still earn by playing online games and searching the web, as well as save by using any number of coupons. Plus, you’ll get $5 just for signing-up.

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Final advice: Make sure to sign-up for ALL of these services to increase your earnings. Good luck. 😉

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